"You don't have to be the typical loud crazy girl! You can be a sweet homegrown down to earth woman. It's reality! Doing the show was the best experience of my life! It really has opened a lot of doors for me:) Thanks Sandra for having a big hand in casting me! You're the best!"
Abbi Noah – Reality Star
“Real Chance of Love” - “CORNFED” (Winner)

"Advice to upcoming reality TV contestants, be yourself. that's the key!! Do things that you would be proud to do on TV. I am proud to say I was a contestant on Flavor of Love and I'm loving it!
Angela Pitts – Reality Star
“Flavor of Love 3” - “Myammee”

"Sandra has a personality that makes you really comfortable. It was an amazing experience being on Daisy of Love. Sandra Dee you rock!"
Daniel Alfonso - Reality Star
“Daisy of Love” – “FOX”

"Anyone lucky enough to be cast by Sandra must have special qualities because she is one hella talent scout! Being on BB9 absolutely changed my life for the better. A once in a lifetime experience no doubt!"
Ryan Quicksall – Reality Star
“Big Brother 9” (Runner Up)
"Sandra is a doll. Very professional yet fun, I guess you could say she's the whole package. You couldn't ask for more in a Casting Director. Love her!"
Heather Chadwell – Reality Star
“Rock of Love” 1 & 2

"What amazed me the most about Sandra is how she conducted an interview with a 9 year old little girl and her mom. She was able to shift gears between her approach to me and her more delicate approach to the child. Barbara Walters couldn't have done a better job."
Rocky DeMarco – Reality Star
“I Know My Kid’s a Star” & “Tough Love”

"Sandra is witty, encouraging, understanding and thorough, and these qualities are what sold me on Money Hungry!"
Phillip Lambert – Reality Star
“Money Hungry”

"Sandra’s personality and pizzazz made me feel as if I was talking to an old friend that I had known forever. Thanks to Sandra, I had an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that I can never thank her enough for."
Liz Richards – Reality Star
“Tough Love” 2

"Sandra defines the art of the interview with candor, wit, and "saviness."  We had an instant chemistry and even after a couple of years, she still values me as an entertainer by continually seeking me out for any leads she may have.  And that's exactly the type of person Sandra is.  Someone who makes you feel like the best version of yourself should be shared with others!"
Taya Parker – Reality Star/Model/Singer
“Rock of Love Bus” (Winner)

"Sandra has a great eye for seeing talent. I should know, she discovered me! Appearing on "I Love New York 2" was one of the most fun and exciting experiences!"
David Otunga – Reality Star & WWE Professional Wrestler
“I Love New York 2” – “Punk”

"I was nervous to be auditioning for such a big show but Sandra was awesome. She walked me through the audition and made me feel very comfortable. Deal or No Deal has been the coolest job I've done so far!"
Amanza Smith – Model & Actress
“Deal or No Deal” Case Model #19

"Sandra is a rare breed in this industry. If you get the opportunity to audition and/or work for Sandra, you will see she treats everyone with respect and pays extreme attention to detail. She is a pleasure to work with and has become an amazing mentor over the years."
Jaimarie Bjorge - Model & Actress
“The Lingerie Bowl”